To regain the paradise lost 600 years ago…

India was the world's most vibrant economic superpower for 1700 years except for the last 600 years when that paradise was lost by marauding hordes of oppressors and later by relentless colonization and exploitation of the British. Today, by turn of circumstances and global factors, India is in a position to stake its claim to regain its paradise and the lost glory by becoming a socio-economic superpower again. Great Lakes was created as a constituent catalyst for this grand vision of every Indian.


Great Lakes Institute of Management, was chosen by the Atal Innovation Mission in February 2019, to establish an AIC, at GLIM - Manamai campus off ECR on the outskirts of the thriving metropolis of Chennai. Named after the beloved dean emeritus and founder – Dr. Bala Balachandran for his passion for Innovative Technoprenuership, the AIC-Great Lakes Balachandran Incubator was born with the mission to ‘evangelize, network, and catalyse entrepreneurship growth in India’, founded on ‘next practices’. We are delighted that we are given this opportunity to live our Values of “Passion with Compassion”, “Abilities with Nobility” and “Success with Integrity”, to enable our bright youth to not just be job seekers but to become job creators and wealth creators for our country - making India the new Silicon Valley for Prosperity and Productivity in the process – and Regain the Paradise we lost about 600 years ago, and make India the global destination again.