Our Ventures

Whistle Drive
WhistleDrive provides technology-enabled fleet services for corporates and operates 700+ fleet across 3 cities.

Atsuya Technologies
Custom built sensors, cloud platform and analytics to allow clients across industry to monitor their refrigeration assets on a real-time basis and leverage data for value-added business insights, cost reduction and preventive maintenance.

Bank Chain Asset
A global asset – payment and management platform powered by Blockchain, OTA, IoT, Automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Secure, mobile-first collaborative engagement platform that leverages technologies such as blockchain.

AI On The Fly
AIOTF is a next generation SaaS based Product Platform that embeds and enriches AI to existing or new ecosystems, and integrate with Apps to enable deployment of AI driven Products.

Crowd Designs
Online platform for crowd-sourcing of custom-designed T-shirts.

Developing Chat BOT based digital recruitment and Learning solution; It is a one stop jobs and skills platform which is chat bot based recruitment support for corporates & customised industry ready learning modules for candidates.

P-store, provides an e-marketplace for wholesalers and retailers to participate with manufacturers at a common place whereby they can interact without the hassle of involving an agent

Smart Factories driven by the power or AI,ML and Analytics.

Edu 2020
Edu2020 is an Online Platform helping students to register themselves in simple four click for Intellectual Industrial Visit.

I Support Farming
ISF is a full stack farm aggregator company with a vision of increasing production, productivity, market access and better price realization through technology.

Newt Electric mobility private limited
NEWT is building a sustainable multi-functionality scooters platform; NEWT is a purpose built multi- functionality scooter for MaaP With Newt smart mobility

Prime Career Paths Private Limited ( WOC )

Career Counselling and awareness Platform targeting school children. It is an platform with knowledge and awareness videos on 180+ different career options.

Adi&Adi Holdings

Embedded software helps in Identifying Drunken Driving and helps Women and Children in their Safety & Protection through signals

Finpreneurs Consulting
Finpreneurs Consulting LLP is a financial consulting firm specialising in financial partnering and management Decision-making for Startups and Small and Mid-Sized Businesses by offering bespoke advisory Services.


Xfinito Biodesigns Private Limited
Xfinito Biodesigns is a technology start-up focussing on the development of intelligent connected systems for providing affordable and accessible healthcare. Our focus is on the design and development of various connected and intelligent decision support healthcare systems.

Athlexa Online Services Pvt Ltd
Athlexa provides technology solutions to traditional fitness centres as well as individual trainers and helps them efficiently promote their offerings to fitness enthusiasts through Athlexa app, website and smart-tv platforms

Vikita Naturals

Organic farm products

Vanghee offers a convenient API interface to perform Banking transactions and other banking related activities. Digital Cheque Based post payment solution for Small and Medium enterprises

Project BIG
Robotic Process Automation – The potential to automate entire workflows and effect significant cost reduction in businesses by eliminating parts of the work force involved in repetitive processes.

Trabulu (Travel Free)
A mobile application that lets to trade your unused luggage space with someone who has exceed theirs

Re-Hydratable Soap & Water Hand Wash Tablet

Our mission is to empower rural students in India by improving their English communication skills and trained them with emerging technology.

Saround provides vendors the opportunity to collect and retrieve customers data through a mobile application with the help of bar code technology. Customers will know real-time data of the crowd anticipated at vendors venue at any given time of the day. Customers can use Geo-location to fetch data of businesses around their vicinity.

Rotee ( Worlzen Technologies LLP )
Rotee is a home cooked food ordering and delivery platform.

Medaara the healthcare technology which is an AI and Digitalise gap filling technology and solution to uplift the traditional method to IoT or IoMT. We focus on the issues of patients and medical or health care sectors to solve it by small investment and have the automation, digitalisation and AI based next generation of health care technology.

TechPixels pvt ltd
We are Group of Innovators who aim to deliver easy to use software system, customizable and with need of minimum technical intervention.

Raisein Ventures Private Limited
Startup is working towards providing a platform to virtually try on the clothes in various modes such as in a 2D picture, 3D model and Augmented Reality Try on. We cater to both apparel showrooms and consumers who buy apparels.

HygeiaAi plans to develop deep learning AI based data predictive modelling for the healthcare ecosystem and corporates to derive scenarios and patterns to provide better feedback, guidance and support to the users and employees for staying healthy.

A healthcare R&D startup developing novel antimicrobials primarily for topical infections

Asmeav Wellness and services LLP
MysticAura® is a brainchild of a Human Resource Consultant who learnt pranic healing and explored the pranic properties of essential oils out interest.

Road Transport is one of the basic, essential and significant infrastructure requirement in Indian Supply chain. But it is highly unorganized and fleet owners fragmented with minimum literacy level. 80% of the market is dominated by truckers who have fleet of less than 5 trucks.

Planytics Pvt Ltd
Planytics transforms planning process of manufacturers and distributors to ‘demand-driven’ planning enabled by machine learning.

We are an influencer and talent creator platform which uses different data points to give the best results to the brands and also help micro and nano influencers to monetize themselves

We offer a single source solution to quickly add remote monitoring and
alerts to emergency ventilators and other medical devices. Since medical devices often report on common statistics the system allows for easy registration of devices into an account. The common statistics can be sent to a
remote cloud-based service.

P2P platform for connecting foodies

Better-E is an e-rickshaw aggregator that provides an affordable intra-city commuting service. It is ideal for daily commuters, the middle class and any individual looking for an inexpensive mode of transportation for shorter distances.

Nearbybazar services private limited
Nearbybazar services privated limited is a company dedicated to create products and services which helps connect un-organised retail market online. For that we have created LoBecho, it helps users to setup their business online in seconds so that they can grow online.

HESA Technologies Private Limited
HESA connects Bharat with India and India with Bharat physically and digitally by bridging the gap for the world’s largest customer base that resides in rural India by leveraging technology and people strength.

Karmik Swaraj Pvt. Ltd
Our vision is to innovate a web-technology based platform integrated with registration, employment,
upskilling through legitimized processes. Our aim is to create an innovative world-class technology
platform for education and management of labour capital acting in conformity with the constitution
and laws.

Gammacoder private limited
It lets students learn various concepts of programming and then practice various set of problems of that concept.

Drogher Technologies private limited
The startup is concerned with digitization of the local grocery shopping and help the local stores to get an simple online platform in order to increase their reach over its customers and also gradually increase their income as India majorly depends on the local small scale stores for any kind of products or services.

IoTExpress Technologies Pvt Ltd
Bytebam is a one stop sollution for all IoT platform related problems. Handles end to end data pipelining solution, device management and data visualization and reporting.

life70mm media entertainment pvt ltd
Life70mm Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. provides a platform, YoArtist (Mobile App) and YoArtist.com (Website), a one-stop shop for artists and art seekers in any industry in a few clicks. We are one-of-its kind, all-inclusive digital platform that offers artists a launchpad to showcase their talent and get involved in the entertainment industry. From bagging roles in films, TV, advertisements, etc. to get sourced for performing live events, corporate shows etc.


Idea is to Connect students to the best tuition centers with their requirements being exactly met thus providing best educational experience.We are Basically an Aggregator that Connects Students with Tuition Centers and other Private Educational Institutions through Software Application in Real Time.


ShopCirkle is a Social E-commerce Platform where in customers can form team to buy products. ShopCirkle uses the combined buying power of the customers to unlock exclusive discounts.


Block In Aid Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Our Startup is focused to improve healthcare infrastructure by making the hospitals data like availability of beds in any hospitals available to people and this data will be on blockchain so there will be no single point of failure and all the data can be updated in real time.


It is a disruptive innovation-a new way to approaching diseases, utilizing advance tests to decipher the root cause and treating them with a whole body approach.

Tridots Mobility

Tridots Mobility
Tridots Mobility is a startup incubated at AGBI (AIC – Great Lakes Balachandran Incubator). The company was incorporated on 25 Jan 2021. The Company’s business includes designing, manufacturing, and marketing “Sustainable Mobility Solutions”. The cycles are the most known sustainable mobility device in the current world, however the cycle has its own limitations and pain points with respect to its traditional design and ergonomics.


With the COVID situation, all the physical marathon and running events are getting canceled, but now there is a new way of doing it. Virtual Marathons are coming into the picture and many organizers are moving their Marathon events to virtual platforms.


We are healthcare startup specialised in emergency cares and services.


Ayurarogya Saukhyam Foundation
Saukhyam is a social enterprise that trains rural women to make reusable menstrual pads from banana fiber and cotton cloth. The pads have won several awards and over 50,000 have been sold to-date helping prevent the emission of 40.6 tons of CO2 equivalent annually. These have also eliminated 875 tons of non-biodegradable menstrual waste.

Gammadel Technologies
Our startup aims at digitization of paper based medical records and generating useful insights from the data.


ANR MEDICUS Technologies Private Limited
With ANR Medicus we aspire to being patients, doctors, caretaker staff and hospitals on a single platform by providing a smoother and simpler user experience.

QUADRON AI Healthcare Solutions Private Limited
Software based health care startup to monitor skin cancer


LifeOfGirl ( Log security innovations pvt ltd)
We are a B2B personal safety & digital community startup providing:
a) Intelligent technology that can prevent, predict and react to “situations” : safest route to travel, safety score of a place, automatica SOS based on audio, gyroscorpe and location history.
b) Reaction strategies training via an online portal to help them be ready to face situations and also help others.
c) Access to trained community of people like the users who help each other when in need.

Moonplexus Private Limited
Health-Care Application


Visron Private Ltd
Visron provides you most efficient and feasible method for agriculture based pesticide spraying process through cost efficient wav based method for pesticide spraying process in a most efficient and safe manner including features like:-
Crop prediction and field area prediction Flexible Volume Container pesticide Semi Autonomous Mode One Key to Return Autonomous Mode Liquid Indicator Automatic Return when power out.

Sirobot Private Limited
Other computer related activities [for example maintenance of websites of other firms/ creation of multimedia presentations for other firms etc.


SOCLY.io is a SaaS platform aimed at automating the process of obtaining global compliances like SOC 2, IS27001, etc, thereby empowering SMEs and Startups across regions to be able to do business.


VIVRT intends to create innovative automotive products built for performance which not only delight our customers but also
motivates them to challenge the status quo and discover themselves. VIVRT is a promise to all its customers to unleash an adventure within them; be a regular Joe or a pro rider, discover the passion and thrill of journeying the untraded paths

Innocatalysts Advisors Pvt Ltd
MentorLink is a platform developed by Innocatalysts Advisors Pvt Ltd which helps users discover the right mentor and engage with them in a structured format. The platform uses various technologies, web tools, API’s in order to make the discovery and engagement robust for the users. It is a B2B platform in which organisations engage their mentees and mentors on a single platform for solving complex problems.

Dermaworkout Pvt Ltd
Dermaworkout is India’s first athlete focused personal care brand offering high performance products that are free from harsh chemicals. All our products are unisex and are intelligently crafted to work on everyone with an active lifestyle