Success Stories


Lend Partners is an Invoice Discounting platform that helps Vendors raise money against their Invoices by connecting them to Investors (Retail Investors, NBFCs/banks, etc) who are looking for new opportunities to invest by on boarding with us.
We will be providing the customers a smooth, secure, and seamless journey on our platform. To ensure that the payment process is lightning fast we have partnered with X Bank who is a major player in the private banking sector, to setup escrow accounts. X Bank will generate E-account numbers for the buyers on Lend Partners platform and those would be linked to their accounts. All the transactions done from our platform will be through this e-account.

EduGaon is training the rural under-graduate with Software Engineering and English communication skill and helping them to achieve their potential.
Our mission is to empower rural students in India by improving their English communication skills and train them with emerging technologies.
We train rural under-graduate who can’t afford to go to the City to complete the professional education. So they can spend their time and efforts on professional education.
Edugaon Education and Innovation Labs

Atsuya Technologies

Atsuya Technologies has been founded by a group of experienced software and hardware engineers, and marketers. Their team comprises of US patent- winning software and hardware engineers, who have helped design and implement IoT solutions for some of the world’s largest corporations. With experience spanning a wide range of industries and technologies, their team is able to help clients assimilate learning from across sectors to put in place not best practices, but next practices. Atsuya’s talented team believes in helping clients deploy technology optimally to enhance return on investment, thereby creating greater stakeholder value.
All of Atsuya’s IoT solutions are focused on UN Sustainable Development Goals preventing wastage and improving efficiency with the ultimate goal of helping industry reduce its demand on natural resources ATSUYA Technologies developed COVID Care APP for state Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh to track and monitor quarantine citizens and also deployed COVIDCARE platform for pandemic management of COVID in Chennai.
Atsuya Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Innogle Offering An Award Winning India’s First Oceanography Deep-tech Company which focus Real-world unaddressed Problem to provide solution as Life safety and Profitable Fishing for fishermen, Search and rescue Robotic solution for Coast Guards and Ocean Carpet Data Mining for Ocean researchers using an emerging Technologies of Internet of underwater things (IoUT) , AI and Robotics.


I wanted to solve the problem for my mom when she had an accelerated case of neuropathy. The effort eventually led to the genesis of Xfinito, where my mom is a Co-Founder and supports the development of accessible systems and brings back those disabled due to such diseases to the workforce.
Xfinito is a deep-tech startup developing an intelligent Medtech system to manage neurodegenerative disorders like Neuropathy, Parkinson’s. The approach is targeted towards the wellness of the ageing population and helps prevent or early detection of age-related disabilities due to nerve degeneration. The system would not only help them in improving their quality of lives but will also assist in supporting and evaluating interventions.
– Siddharth Nair, Founder
Xfinito Biodesigns

Sports is an industry/ domain where milliseconds and millimeters can make or break legends. And as the level of competition increases every day, we are fast approaching a singularity where talent and hard work alone won’t suffice.
By combining sports-science research with machine learning technology, our platform ATIUM enables athletes and their coaching/training teams convert this data into actionable insights to plan and optimize their training. It prepares and enables them to push the boundaries of athletic performance and become the champion they have always dreamt of.
At ATIUM, our vision is to democratize every talented, hard-working athlete and team, with the required resources to transform their training, become the best versions of themselves, irrelevant of who they are and where they are from.
ATIUM Sports


“My every touchpoint with the rural heartland has led to what Hesa is today – a blended social, physical and digital commerce platform. Through our integrated marketplace, we are connecting businesses and also enabling an equitable life and lifestyle for thousands in rural India. Hesa’s journey is indeed just warming up as we have over 650K Indian villages on our radar!!” – Vamsi Udayagiri, Founder, Ceo, Hesa.

“CrowdDesigns started off as an avenue for customized T-shirt merchandise for various educational Institutions. We then extended our product as a platform to connect homegrown T-shirt designers with their customers. During COVID, We channeled our resources and workforce to become a leading producer of COVID PPE Kits in India. Pivoting, expanding and adapting to our customers requirements on time has become our significant success story.”.


AGBI Incubated startup "ISUPPORTFARMING PVT LTD'' was started with the goal of bringing rural and urban synergies together to make agriculture a more profitable pursuit.

How they use technology to support farmers and consumers?

  • On-field Crop monitoring: Their independent crop monitoring programme combines regular field visits along with qualitative and quantitative issues assessment.
  • Remote Field monitoring.
  • Along with our partnered labs, field agents, we determine soil fertility, soil pH, soil moisture levels, soil nutrient deficiency, fertiliser need, water parameters. Based on such tested parameters, you are advised through our field agents or through our Android/iOS mobile App about the optimum steps to overcome deficiencies and remedies.
  • Our tech-enabled mobile app can bring to farmers critical knowledge and guidance on matters related to fertiliser use, crop rotation, weather patterns, going organic—all through few swipes on the screen.
  • Today, a farmer rarely knows where his produce ends up, or how. We not only link your produce to the right buyer but also guarantee the right price”

Rahul Ganapathy’s Atsuya Technologies CTO explains the role in COVID control efforts in Chennai. Rahul is the Founder of Atsuya and Graduate of AGBI