Prof. Bala’s message

chairman message

Invention and Innovation are but products of an indomitable spirit coupled with relentless hard work and merciful serendipitous moments. What begins as a small idea in someone's head today has the potential to alter everything from a basic grocery purchase to robotic neurosurgery. The very thought of these possibilities is as exhilarating as it is humbling since it brings with it the realization that the Universe is full of possibilities and there is many a mystery waiting to be unraveled. One of the core components of the DNA of our country, India is 'enterprise'. Ours is a civilization that has survived for thousands of years and has for a long part of that time, demonstrated unrivalled progress in the face of overwhelming odds. Our understanding of all disciplines, be it Engineering, Medicine, Surgery, Astrology, Astronomy, Mathematics, Science, Arts, Spirituality etc. was so advanced that our Universities at Taxila, Kanchi, Nalanda, Pushpagiri etc. were considered exalted temples of learning and frequented by students from all over the world. It is therefore, but natural for some of this enterprise to perpetuate and generations later, here we are at the brink of yet another revolution, spearheaded by the power of IT. India's leadership is keenly aware of our untapped potential and is leaving no stone unturned to unearth it, channel it through the right vehicles and take ownership of the new world economic order. As an extension of our Hon'ble PM's 'Make in India' initiative, Great Lakes is proud to be one of only 4 b-schools selected to receive the prestigious Atal Innovation Mission grant to set up the Atal-Great-Lakes Balachandran Incubator (ABGI) at our campus at Chennai. For those children of India, who are enterprising, hardworking, determined and motivated, the AGB Incubator will be the mother-ship that propels them into an entirely different trajectory of growth, advancement, innovation and impact. The following pages document the vision, mission, goals and our journey of the last 9 months that has led to the grand inauguration of our ---- sft incubation center on the 18th of November 2019. I hope reading our story inspires you and gives you wings to create one of your own. Over the last 1.5 decades, Great Lakes has contributed to the professional enhancement of our corporate community through its cutting-edge and pioneering Management curriculum and helped shape their careers in myriad ways. As a relatively 'new kid on the block', what we lack in age and experience, we make up for in youth, vitality and sheer entrepreneurial spirit. This is what sets us apart from the competition. Yes! We are different. Thus, we make the difference and now, we deliver this difference. Every student of the graduating class will now have the opportunity to test their ideas and plans, utilize all the facilities of the AGBI including the AIMLAB, tinkering lab, mentor clinic etc., and unlock their full potential and become shining stars of our great community. It is a matter of personal delight and immense satisfaction for me to witness the commencement of yet another era – yet another avenue through which Great Lakes is able to contribute to the progress and advancement of our country and her people. Jai Hind! Jai Great Lakes! Jai AGBI!

Late. Dr. Bala V Balachandran